Karen Huber, A Hand to Help

Karen Huber

Professional Organiser,

VIC, Australia


0408 609 709


  VIC, Australia


Hello, I’m Karen from A Hand to HelpA Hand to Help provides one on one, hands-on organising help. We work in hoarded, chronically disorganised and challenging spaces. 

We organise for real life. As we are all individuals, we believe the finished result must always suit the needs and personal requirements of the client.

When organising, I love fostering relationship and bringing a sense of fun, laughter and joy to our time together. 

As a teacher with over 25 years’ experience, it was so important to have an organised space for children to feel safe in and to know where things are and belong. An organised space makes life easier, reduces stress and creates a sense of order. If children feel safe and happy, they feel supported and the joy of learning happens.

At A Hand to Help I create safe spaces for our clients, where they feel respected and supported. My aim is that they have control, and their home is treated with care and respect.

I want to teach skills to empower, encourage and to help our clients move forward.


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