Angela Esnouf

Angela Esnouf

Professional Organiser,

VIC, Australia

0403 164 468

  VIC, Australia


Angela Esnouf has a life motto – Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Her life as an organiser, helping people get organised, as well as teaching new organisers the ropes, helps her live that motto.  In 2005 she started her business, Creating Order from Chaos, with a passion for helping people by using the skills others admired in her.

Now as a veteran, with advanced skills and a deeper understanding of the organising industry, as well as the needs of the disorganised person, her passion lies in helping others to start their own flourishing organising business.

Angela believes in education and continuing improvement.  Her professional organiser training program has helped students from around the world and all corners of Australia.  She is excited that this training is now taught virtually.

The Professional Organiser’s Edge is a professional development membership program created by Angela exclusively for organisers with an ever-growing library of resources and classes.

Angela’s achievements include:

  • 11+ years in the industry in Australia
  • Golden Circle member of NAPO
  • NAPO Ambassador in Australia
  • Subscriber of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization
  • Specialist ICD Certificates in Chronic Disorganization, Hoarding and ADHD


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