Livable Organising

Jeanette O’Meara

Professional Organiser,

VIC, Australia

0412 247 723

  VIC, Australia


Hi. I’m Jeanette from Livable Organising.

I am a proud Melbournian and a mum of two.

Livable Organising was born in 2018 and services the bayside suburbs of Melbourne.

As a Professional Organiser, it might surprise you to know that I would not describe myself as “naturally organised”, however I do enjoy decluttering and find creating order quite therapeutic.

As a new mum and later as a working mum I would often find maintaining my own home quite overwhelming. I slowly learnt that when I took the time to organise my spaces and set up routines to maintain them, that life felt easier and day to day tasks could be completed with less stress.

Along the way, I also discovered that I enjoyed helping others to declutter their homes and reap the benefits of being organised themselves.

When working with my clients I provide hands on support to reduce clutter and together we create simple storage systems that are easy to maintain.

If you are feeling tired of trying to do it yourself or overwhelmed at the thought even starting please contact me on 041 224 7723 or email


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