Shari Robinson Sensibly Sorted

Shari Robinson

Professional Organiser,

VIC, Australia

0421 502 257

  VIC, Australia


Hi, my name is Shari Robinson and I established Sensibly Sorted to help people replace the chaos in their homes with calm, functional spaces that they enjoy living in.

I have been able to help people declutter their home and then help set up systems and routines that work for them to keep their home safe, functional and more organized.

Many clients feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start so I always start with talking through the issues and setting goals that are achievable. I then go on to provide hands on support and
practical solutions to achieve that goal.

I have been told by many clients that they enjoy working with me because I don’t judge or patronize, and they feel that I really listen to their concerns. This is particularly important to me as I believe everyone has their own unique challenges and everyone needs to go at their own pace. Positive outcomes can be achieved by lots of small steps – all you need to do is start.

I welcome all clients including those referred by home care package providers, community service agencies and NDIS providers.



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