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Hoarding Home Solutions ‘Find a Provider’ listing Terms & Conditions


A listing on the ‘Find a Provider’ page of the Hoarding Home Solutions website is subject to strict conditions and is not guaranteed to any individual.


To be considered for a listing, the candidate must satisfy the following conditions:

1. Be of good and honest character.

2. Be an active service provider in the hoarding support/organiser field.

3. Be able and willing to represent Hoarding Home Solutions in a positive, professional, and honest manner.

4. Have completed the course in a thorough and complete manner. Candidates must be able to demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the course material.


Revocation of a ‘Find a Provider’ listing is entirely at the discretion of Hoarding Home Solutions. Listed are conditions in which a listing may not be granted or may be revoked:

1. Represents Hoarding Home Solutions in a dishonest and/or unprofessional manner.

2. Does not complete the course in a satisfactory manner and is thereby unable to demonstrate an acceptable knowledge on topics covered throughout.

3. No longer works in a field related to hoarding support and/or organising.


Hoarding Home Solutions reserves the right to revoke listings at the business’ discretion on a case-by-case basis. Notification will be given to the affected individuals should a listing be removed, or an application be unsuccessful.


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