Filmmakers seek Cluttered HouseFrom time to time we receive requests from journalists and media outlets wanting access to a cluttered house and hoarding householders. They are usually after a sensational story or gasp-inducing footage, and we quickly send them packing. But the other day I received a call from a filmmaker with a different angle. Lucas Stanton seems like a genuine guy with a unique request, so I offered to help him out.

He even wrote this kind note: “Hey Angela, Just want to say a big thanks for your chat today. It means a lot when someone is willing to help a filmmaker achieve their goal. If only others could be so kind.”

Are you interested in helping Lucas bring his film to life? – Angela Esnouf

My name is Lucas Stanton, Sydney based Filmmaker, and I am looking for a cluttered house to film in. Firstly, I would like to say that me and my team deeply appreciate all walks of life and understand that sometimes person’s possessions are as much a part of them as friends and family. We do not wish to exploit or humiliate anybody in this process. We are not making A Current Affair or Louis Theroux type expose on the condition of ‘hoarding’. We are artists who are dedicated to the art of cinema.

Our short film addresses the nature of consumerism via a man who becomes obsessed with obtaining roast chicken in the middle of the night after watching an advertisement on TV. He spends the night out in his car trying to find a place that sells them. Finally, he obtains the chicken, takes it home and eats as much as he can. When he wakes up another advert is playing on the TV and he becomes obsessed with that. The film is appropriately titled ‘Chicken’.

I admit when I first read the script, I thought it sounded a little off, but the Director assured me it is an art piece intended to seem absurd in order to make commentary on consumerism. We are not saying that the place we are filming in is a product of consumerism, simply it is just a set piece to the character. The film starts off in what he describes as a cluttered environment. We have contemplated building this set ourselves but this could be time consuming, space consuming and costly as we would have to get rid of everything in the end. What I have suggested is that we find a place that suits the description of a cluttered environment.

If we were to find a place, we would be able to give $1000 dollars to the house holder who gives us the permission to shoot. We will be respectful to the house and everything in it and will have to negotiate what we can and can’t do inside the property. As I mentioned, we understand that a person’s possessions are valuable to them no matter what they may be. We would need to visit the property several time before the shoot to prepare the shot list and look of the film. We estimate we would need to use the space for two full days (10 hours a day) once shooting officially commences.

We appreciate any cooperation. Just know that in supporting local independent filmmakers you are supporting the arts as a whole. You will have our deepest gratitude.

For more information contact:
Lucas Stanton – 0449 737 680


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