If you know someone who hoards, you know that the last thing they need is something else to sit on a shelf, fill up a cupboard or clutter up their kitchen.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still show your love at Christmas time. Read on for some Christmas gift suggestions to help you choose the right gift for someone who hoards.

But first… 3 Don’ts

  1. Don’t give a voucher for them to buy something for themselves. It will only lead to more clutter.
  2. Don’t give food in decorative containers. The containers will stick around long after the food is eaten.
  3. Don’t give candles. Or scent burners. Or anything else with a naked flame or fuel source. The biggest potential danger in a hoarded house is fire.

Christmas Gift Suggestions

Christmas Gift Suggestions

Who wouldn’t enjoy receiving these gifts?

  • a massage, facial, manicure or pedicure
  • a promise to weed the garden or do the ironing for a month
  • dancing lessons
  • a double pass to the movies and a promise you’ll go along
  • tickets to a stage show, opera, ballet, rock concert or sports event
  • an outing together to a favourite gallery, garden, café or picnic spot
  • something delicious to eat
  • membership to the zoo, art society or bushwalking club

Did you notice something that wasn’t on the list? You may be tempted to offer your services to declutter as a gift. Your time and your care certainly is a gift, but unless your hoarding friend or family member specifically asks for your help, Christmas is not a good time to be reminding them of the thing they’re most ashamed of. It may be perceived by the giver as a genuine offer of help, but probably seen by the recipient as a comment on their failings.

Now’s the time to nurture the relationship, so that when they are ready, you are the person they can trust to help them most.


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