Kerry, All in Order

Kerry Stone

Professional Organiser,

WA, Australia

0413 345 978

  WA, Australia


Hi, my name is Kerry Stone and I established All in Order Organising Services in 2003 when I saw that people were struggling with disorganisation and wanted assistance to sort their lives out.

It was then the philosophy was born to get back to the basics, by keeping things as uncomplicated and simple as possible. The best way I’ve found is to de-clutter and systemise the home for a less stressful life.  De-cluttering is one of the most effective ways of re-organising yourself and the benefits are many. More importantly, you’re able to easily find what you want when you want it.

People that I work with often say how surprised they are by the process, how easy it is for them to make decisions, how to get things in order without overwhelm, that it’s not as confronting as they thought, and that I am respectful and reassuring to work with.

I’m always heartened by the reaction people have, even after one session of organising, to see how relieved they are.  They’re happier and often excited by the changes they have been able to make.  This is why I love the work I do.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, talk to me. A no pressure conversation about problem areas, roadblocks or what you want to achieve will, at the very least start the process of moving forward for you. I’ll help you get it All in Order.



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