Sommer Corrigan, Cleared with Care

Sommer Corrigan

Professional Organiser, Rubbish Removal, Mental Health Support

North Island, New Zealand

+64 27 367 3550

  North Island, New Zealand


Cleared With Care provides practical solutions and ongoing support for people impacted by Chronic Disorganisation and Hoarding Disorder behaviours living with clutter or unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

Our Care team supports the transformation of living spaces by systematically addressing clutter, providing training, engaging therapeutic services, and implementing systems for improved organisation, safety and functionality.

Services include:

* Declutter and organisation support in the home

* Collaborative Care for hoarded environments

* Storage Edit for storage units and garages

* Estate Edits for ready to market for deceased estates and living transitions

* Digital and paperwork Overload support in the home

* Therapeutic services

We have experience supporting clients who have physical or mobility challenges, neurological or health needs and working alongside clients to meet community housing or council requirements.

We coordinate services with allied health specialists, community organisations and local businesses to tailor Care Plans to the unique needs, goals and environments of each client.

Our services are available in the wider Auckland area (from Papakura to Silverdale) and bespoke services are available upon request in other regions across New Zealand.

This business was created following years working in the Community Health and Mental Health sectors in New Zealand. Individuals and families impacted by mental health, additions, chronic health and mobility challenges were buried under clutter and belongings in their home which negatively impacted their health, wellbeing and safety. Cleared With Care reframed their services to support access to allied health providers that work collaboratively and are invested all domains of the client to enable them to create space for life.


Cleared with Care


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