Shannon Hepperlin, Decluttering Diva

Shannon Hepperlin

Professional Organiser,

NSW, Australia

0402 021 995

  NSW, Australia


Shannon Hepperlin is with Decluttering Diva, a team of professional organisers, who love to work with those who are struggling with chronic disorganisation issues especially those with the added challenges of ADHD, shopping addiction and/or hoarding disorder. Decluttering Diva knows that for many the dream of getting organised is more than a desire for a Pinterest worthy pantry but rather a necessity for getting through their day struggling with executive functioning issues. We love to use creativity and our experience to create practical, customised solutions for our clients. The team is lead by Kristina Duke CPO-CD® who has been running Decluttering Diva since 2013.

Decluttering Diva service clients through Sydney including Central Coast, Western suburbs, North Shore, Northern Beaches & Inner West.


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