Amantha Hobson, Magical Movers

Amantha Hobson

Professional Organiser, Specialist Cleaner, Rubbish Removal,

NSW, Australia

0436 354 333

  NSW, Australia


Magical MoversMeet Amantha

Almost a decade of extensive project manager experience in cleanups, natural disaster, loss and restoration in the United States and Australia has brought professionalism, leadership and great quality service to the cleanup and clear-out industry.

Amantha is dedicated to leading with compassion and empathy and ensuring that her customers get the help they need. She has had many fortunate and eye-opening opportunities to assist in the hundreds of cleanups and terrible losses whilst helping to bring the disaster back to its original state of normalcy.


About Magical Movers

Magical Movers was started in 2019 as a means to help the aged population with care and compassion when sorting through belongings, de-cluttering and coming to terms with letting go of belongings and items when it is time to downsize.

Deceased estates are also sometimes concerning for family members who just don’t know where to start and this task can be a very daunting one. Magical movers are here to help. Having worked in many Aged Care Facilities in the USA, Magical Movers have learned that patience, listening and empathy are three of the greatest skills when dealing with moves from Independent Living to Assisted Living. From this experience we are confident we offer only the best of care and compassion.

When I returned from the USA after 14 years, I was surprised that my elderly parents were unable to get the assistance they required to relocate and they were intensely overwhelmed at the thought. I decided that it was time to bring in my A-Team of staff and the right attitude to gently and persuasively start their move of sorting, decluttering, donating and disposing of 10+ years of content. Moving and storing the large amount of possessions from a 3-storey house to a much smaller premise was not possible, a procrastinated and daunting task at hand for my parents alone. This task was made easy for them with the help, support and skills of Magical Movers. Not only were my parents relieved at how simple Magical Movers made the entire relocation, they were now also extremely excited to start again with a fresh, clear mind and ready to go.



“Amantha is thorough in all she does. She understands the customers needs and works hard to help her customers get back on the path to recovery. She is caring and forthright. She is dependable and honest. She is a pleasure to work with, and absolutely in stride with her customer. She is willing to work long, hard hours to “get to done”, but not just “get it done”, she gets it done right!” – Robert D. Blevins, Director of Facilities, William Carey University


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