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Nikki Wagner

Professional Organiser,

VIC, Australia

0439 691 100

  VIC, Australia


Hi! I’m Nikki from Makings of Home. I provide in-home support to people living in Knox, Maroondah, and Whitehorse council areas whose homes are preventing them from undertaking the activities they would like too. Perhaps more space is required to enjoy a favourite hobby, or clutter is the cause for discomfort if a visitor stops by.

If there have been repeated expressions of safety concerns or the wellbeing of the resident has not been optimised then family, friends or neighbors will likely want to help. Unfortunately these concerns, while well intentioned, can often result in conflict as emotions escalate and the discussion is perceived as nagging and judgmental. Sadly, the very person that we want to help is left feeling shame, fear and anxiety – progress is not made.

It’s not uncommon to be overwhelmed by our possessions and the cycle of maintaining our home. As a professional organiser here are some of the ways I enjoy helping my clients:

  • Clarify what’s important and valued by discovering ways to emphasises well-being, relationships and aspirations – not belongings
  • Discuss strategies for change and how daily habit formation can support improvements
  • Uncover the major cause of frustration in the home, and then suggest tools and routines to overcome them.
  • Explore strategies to appreciate which belongings have significance and recognise which items are nolonger adding value so my clients can more confidently make decision to keep or release them.
  • Offer guidance on where to donate items or how to appropriately recycle or dispose of unwanted items
  • Find strategies that will help slow or prevent the flow of additional items into the home
  • Develop skills to support daily living and household management

I’m so excited that you are taking the steps to investigate how to make things better for yourself, a loved one or someone you care for. You’ll find me to be encouraging, supportive and non-judgmental. I tailor my approach to my clients needs, so the pace we’ll work together will be guided by what makes them feel most comfortable.

Makings of Home is here to help you simplify things and bring you into a safer, more functional and happier place. I’m willing to have a chat to anyone that might be considering inviting me into their home.


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