Kendall Barter

Kendall Barter

Professional Organiser,

VIC, Australia

0421 258 849

  VIC, Australia



My name is Kendall and I’m sole owner of Organised Spaces by Kendall. I created this business after a speaker came into the classroom of the study I was doing at the time (Independent Living for the Elderly). She explained that there was a real need for people to help those with hoarding tendencies; those that have lives that have been impacted negatively due to too much ‘stuff’. This guest speaker gave me a real ‘light bulb moment’. After working in the pharmacy industry for over 15 years, I knew that I always really loved working with people, particularly when we work together towards a goal and the goal is then achieved.

After understanding that there is a real demand for support for those that are in need to help organise their possessions, I went onto complete my certificate in Mental Health, covering areas such as ‘complex needs’ clients and ‘self-directed recovery’. With an extensive background in pharmacy, and as a support worker, I’ve learnt that I have real enjoyment working as a person-centred, non-judgemental approach – always striving towards ‘the goal’ together.

I encourage and welcome all clients, of any background, any level of help required – big or small – to contact me. My clients include those that are part of the NDIS, people that have hoarding tendencies, those that are experiencing a mental and/or physical disability, the elderly who are needing to down-size or those that are needing to move, people that are a part of a social service, or any one that even needs assistance with a good cupboard clean out!

‘Starting can be the hardest part of the journey. Just take the first step’


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