Lucy Crosbie, Queens of Clutter

Lucy Crosbie

Professional Organiser,

WA, Australia

0487 102 162

  WA, Australia


Queens of Clutter is a Perth decluttering service that works alongside our clients to reduce the overwhelm in their homes.
We work with private clients, NDIS plan and self-managed clients, Age care plans, Commonwealth home care packages, Carers organisations,  International move companies and Government departments.
Our specialty is overwhelmed clients and we work in any area of the home. We can assist with decluttering for rent inspections, downsizing, reducing visual overwhelm, reducing falls risks, improving functionality and creating systems that work for each person in the home.
We know clutter affects the mental health and ability to function of our clients. Our process supports them to stay in control of the decisions while encouraging them to keep only what they love and use.
All of our team have Police Clearances as well as training in Mental Health awareness and Hoarding behaviors.

Lucy is a primary school teacher by trade, as well as a mum to three (exhausting) children. Organisation and planning are her best friends – she always have a list or two on the go. She was born and bred in England, but spent three years living in the Middle East before she moved to Australia in 2007. Her favourite things to do include traveling and exploring new places, as well as relaxing on the beach. She also enjoys eating out and will pretty much try anything once; her most adventurous food choice so far has been a fried scorpion from a street stall in Thailand – it was revolting! She attends jobs north of the river and relishes the challenge of creating order from chaos – bring on the clutter!

Queens of Clutter


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