Out in the real worldIn every Hoarding Home Solutions lesson we share an Out in the Real World story to bring our key messages to life. This is the second edition of the Adventures of Kat. You can read the first edition, introducing Kat and her story here.

Her experience offers insight into the mind of someone who hoards and the challenges people with Hoarding Disorder face. In Kat’s life there are those who enable her hoarding, those who criticise or give ultimatums, those who help, and those who try to help but who do more harm than good. You may see yourself in some of the posts and we hope you will consider what might help you to better help someone who hoards.

Kat’s Easter Fantasy

The Fantasy

EasterEaster is such a magical time. Coloured eggs, pastel baskets and decorations, cute bunnies and fluffy chicks wearing novelty glasses, dying eggs, the smell of baking hot cross buns, roast lamb dinner with the family, hunting through the garden, time with the granddaughter filling in Easter-themed activity books and talking about the origin of Easter.

Kat’s childhood experience of Easter was nothing like this, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t long to create the perfect special family occasion, with all the trimmings.  The supermarkets and craft stores agree with her and give her plenty of inspiration as well as merchandise to fulfil her dream.

Shopping for Easter

This year Kat found a cute basket for collecting eggs, some bunny ears, colouring book and pencils, as well as a variety of yummy eggs she’s sure her family will enjoy.

She collected similar things last Easter but who knows where they are now?  It’s not her fault.  Her husband, Bill, moved them and they could be anywhere.  He just doesn’t respect her stuff, you know.  The chocolate eggs would be out of date anyway.  Not that she cares about date codes.  But Kylie, her daughter, would have plenty to say about it.

Family Plans

They won’t be able to celebrate Easter at Kat’s house because the dining table is currently covered in projects that can’t be moved.  But she’s confident that Kylie will invite them to Easter at her place.  Kat can picture herself arriving on Easter Sunday with her bounty of goodies and goodwill.  Their relationship has been strained but this will be a great opportunity to show what a generous, thoughtful grandmother she is.  She is just waiting for her daughter to phone with the invitation.

Kat’s Easter bubble bursts when she hears Bill rummaging in the shed.  She catches him loading a tent into his car.  She eyes him suspiciously. “You’d better not be trying to sneak anything out without my permission again, like you’ve done before.”

Bill assures her, “Of course not, Love.  Kylie wants to borrow the tent. They’re going camping over Easter.”

“Oh no! I’ve got all of these Easter chocolates and treats for them.” replies Kat with disappointment in her voice.

“Well come with me now. We can deliver the goodies together when I take the tent.”

“No, no. My Easter’s been ruined. Forget it. I’ll keep them for next time.”

Kat’s so disappointed about her Easter fantasy being ruined that while Bill visits the family to deliver the tent, she consoles herself with a trip to the shops where the fantasy is alive and well.

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