How handy is a toilet roll?

How handy is a toilet roll? The answer is…

Very handy! It could win you an hour of mentoring with Angela Esnouf or Wendy Hanes, valued at $120.

People who hoard overestimate the instrumental value of items. They look at a toilet roll and think, “This could have a use and it would be wasteful to throw it away”. According to Prof Randy Frost, fear of waste is the single biggest predictor of hoarding severity.

In the Hoarding Home Solutions course, we examine the concept of instrumental value and challenge our participants to get into the mind of someone who hoards by thinking of all the reasons for keeping something as mundane as a toilet roll.

To celebrate National Organising Week, we want you to play along too. Visit our Facebook page and post a picture or story about a creative use for a toilet roll. The post with the most likes by 5pm AEDT Friday March 9th wins an hour of mentoring with either Angela or Wendy.

Not on Facebook?  That’s ok.  You can still qualify to win the prize.  Email us your picture or story, we’ll post on your behalf and let you know the results.

Want to learn more about what’s in the Hoarding Home Solutions courses?  Click on the links below to watch a short video that explains what’s included.

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Good luck and may the best toilet roll win!



Congratulations to “So Phie” who won the “How Handy is a Toilet Roll” competition. Her comment earned the most likes and loves in the timeframe. You can see all the posts and comments on the Facebook page.

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