ResolutionKat and Bill both made New Year’s Resolutions. Hope was in the air.

Bill’s resolution was to give clutter free gifts and spend more time with his wife.

Kat’s resolution was to get organised. She’d been to a presentation at her local library all about it. The presentation was meant for the loved ones of people how hoard, but she went herself. In fact, she’d hidden the flyer from Bill. She didn’t want him getting any ideas. But she thought it was worth attending to see what they’d say. Surprisingly, she did get some good ideas, and felt inspired to deal with her clutter.

Anyway, Kat was excited that hers and Bill’s resolutions were so similar.

Kylie’s Christmas gift to them both had been a Netflix subscription. Bill seemed pleased but Kat felt it was akin to giving a library card. It wasn’t a real gift that you could keep. You really had nothing to show for it.

While Bill was happily watching the entire series of Suits on Netflix, Kat was busy at the January sales, getting ready to get organised. She had a long list, but came across lots more bargains that were just perfect.

Spice caddyFor the kitchen, she got a tea organiser and a spice caddy, on sale of course. It would take up a bit of counter space but decanting the tea and spices into those organisers would make it look so tidy.

For the laundry, she bought a 3-section laundry sorter. Her darks, lights and delicates would now have a home. She scored a cute tin with a scoop for the laundry powder. More decanting fun.

She bought some ring binders and plastic pockets to hold her recipes. It would take a while for her to go through all her magazines and tear out the recipes she wanted to keep, so in the meantime, she found some lovely magazine holders to keep them tidy until she could get around to reading each one.

For her jewellery she found the perfect solution. The little wooden tree would look so pretty sitting on her dresser with earrings, necklaces and bracelets hanging from the branches.

Archive boxesHer filing cabinets are full, so for the office, she got new colour-coded accordion files. Again, she realised it would take some time to go through each pile of paper, so she invested in some archive boxes to hold the papers till she got around to it.

She remembered that the ladies at the library talk had said, “Done is better than perfect.” But her mother always said, “If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well”. Those ladies at the library could learn a thing or two from her mother. They even admitted their own homes weren’t perfect, and then they expect people to take advice from them.

At the bookshop, she picked up a new diary and a pen. It’s always so nice to start fresh. She’d be able to keep track of all her new plans. While she was there, she spotted a couple of interesting organising books in the self-help section. They would come in handy too.

What a savvy shopper she was! She was in such good spirits that she decided to buy something special for Bill. She knew how much he enjoyed watching Suits so she bought him the box set of seasons 1 to 7. Perfect.

Kat felt great. She’d bought nothing for herself. It was all for the house and Bill.

On her way to the checkout, something caught her eye. It was a gift wrap organiser. Why hadn’t she seen one of those before? It’s just what she needed to make next Christmas easy. And right there next to it was some cut price gift wrap. She’d grab some of that too. The bargain was just too good to pass up.

The car was full of parcels and potential. But there was something else she had to stop for. She needed a shelving unit that would fit over her toilet. The nice man at the store helped her find one, then rearrange the car so the unit would fit. He said he hadn’t sold one of these in a long time and Kat couldn’t understand why. She’d seem them on Pinterest and knew that room held untapped space in your home. She should write a book about using the unused space in your home.



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