Landfill in the home?A reader wrote to us…

“My question is with regard to what happens to old books, clothes and household items. They end up in landfill.”

This is a concern for a lot of people. The reader went on to share concerns about consumerism and consumption, which are topics on many people’s minds. It is wise to consider what we buy and bring into the home. However, what happens when it becomes too much?

Here’s what Wendy wrote in response…

There is nothing wrong with valuing and keeping quality items. The problem comes if the volume of items impedes the safe and comfortable use of the home.


Many people have beliefs about value, frugality, the environment, etc. that are very positive and responsible. In hoarding however, these beliefs can become disproportionately held and problematic. For example, when someone becomes so concerned about landfill that they are unable to dispose of items to the point that their home becomes uncomfortable, unsanitary or unsafe the belief has become problematic.


One of the most critical characteristics of someone intending to help people who hoard is the ability to check their own beliefs and standards at the door in order to help the client meet their goals. This may mean disposing of items of perceived value in the interest of improving the safety and comfort of the home’s occupants.


The reader wrote again,

“Thank you for listening. Your comments have been helpful. Thank you.”


You’re welcome!

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