After the space bag disaster, Bill put his foot down about Kat’s storage solutions. But even Bill wouldn’t be able to deny the importance of saving the planet.

Organising isn’t just about storage. Many of the organising sites Kat visited talked about sustainability and reducing waste. We all need to play our part. In fact, decluttering is irresponsible if you didn’t first think about how you could reuse an item.

Kat goes nudeTake her jar collection, for example. Bill had been nagging her to throw the lot into recycling. But they would be perfect containers for bulk food purchases. In fact, a bulk food outlet had just opened in her local shopping centre. They referred to the food as “nude” and everything looked so tempting.  They even gave you a discount for using your own container. Some of her jars didn’t have lids but she’d seen pretty pictures on Pinterest of jars covered with cute fabric squares and tied with pretty ribbons. Luckily, she had kept all the sewing scraps Violet had tried to get her to throw out as well.

Kat challenged herself to think of ways she could reuse items she had earmarked to give away. Broken lawn chair? A simple repair could give it a new lease on life. Kylie’s old debut dress? Some clever stitching could give it a whole new look. Kat didn’t actually have a sewing machine but she was starting to understand the value of investing in one. A hot glue gun and a tool kit would also help her cause.

She went to her recycling bin and kicked herself for all the useful things she had let go of in the past.  Plastic milk cartons could be turned into scoops and there were so many things you could do with a toilet roll you could write a book on the subject. In fact, maybe that was Kat could do! “Kat’s Grandma Wisdom”. What most people needed was to learn the lessons about frugality that she’d learned from her Grandmother and Mum.

Armed with a new sense of purpose, a reusable shopping bag and a variety of jars, Kat headed out the door to the “nude” bulk food shop to start her research. She was so excited about her new venture that she nearly knocked Bill over.

“Bill!”, she exclaimed, “We’re going nude for a cause! We are going to reduce landfill!”

In typical Bill fashion he poured cold water on her new venture suggesting they should start by reducing the landfill in their living room. Kat soldiered on to the shops and wondered if other great thinkers had so many detractors.



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