Christmas List dreamsKat’s dining table project had gone well, and her plans for hosting Christmas were well advanced. If only she could find the new notebook she’d written her Christmas list in. It was a beautiful red embossed notebook. She had other writing pads, but a special occasion called for a special new notebook. She had to face it though, that book was missing and she had to recreate the list of her perfect Christmas plans.


What better way to show people that you care? She knew about love languages, and doesn’t everyone like to be loved with a gift?

Kylie had asked for a voucher for a facial and massage. But there’s no fun in opening a voucher, and a facial doesn’t last all year. And it’s certainly not something you can pass down. Kylie was on her soapbox about giving “experiences”. She even thought music lessons would be a good gift for Tiffany. Imagine the disappointment on the girl’s face! She’ll get her some dolls instead. Kat knew that dolls were the perfect gift for a little girl. She still had her own and cherished them.

There were so many other people on her list. Luckily Kat was a savvy shopper and picked up things year-round for people. Granted they weren’t always suitable, and she couldn’t always find them again, but it’s an organising tip she learned from her mum. And one time she even shared it in a women’s magazine and won a Royal Doulton teacup as reader of the month prize. She proudly displayed it in her china cabinet, but you couldn’t see it as there was a teddy bear in front.

But even though she had most people covered, she still kept her eye out for a bargain or that perfect gift that would make them smile.


Pink decorations for Tiffany

Part of being a savvy shopper is knowing when things go on sale. Every January Kat picked up beautiful ornaments at prices too good to resist. If only she could find them. In one of Bill’s attempts to tidy up, she’s sure he moved those shopping bags, and now she doesn’t know where to find them.

She does know there are some tubs of ornaments in the shed. They’re precious because they hold so many memories, but they’re a little tired now, so they’re not good enough for the tree this special year. And anyway, she saw some really beautiful new ornaments at the local shops, and she deserves a treat. Tiffany’s favourite colour is pink, so Kat wants to surprise her with an all pink theme.


Nothing gives Kat more pleasure than planning the menu. Luckily she stopped Bill when he tried to throw out all of those Christmas magazines in Kylie’s old room. They’ll come in handy. She remembers one of them had the perfect Christmas pudding recipe. She better remember to add “Christmas pudding tin” to the shopping list. She has one already, but it has a little rust on it. But it was her grandmother’s, so you know, it has to stay.

Kat’s sister, Liz, is vegetarian. The cookbooks will help there. She’s sure there’s one on vegetarian food. Bruce, Kylie’s husband, must have gluten free food only. She can use that gluten free pudding she bought on sale last January. It expired in June, but everyone knows expiry dates are just a marketing ploy.

No Time to Waste

There’s so much to think about and so much to do. She’ll need to make time to get to the shops each day. It would be the merriest Christmas ever.



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