Sandra PankhurstOur pre-coronavirus plan for today was to train the entire team at STC in the latest tools and techniques for working effectively with people who hoard. Sandra Pankhurst is the owner of Specialist Trauma Cleaning Services and is the subject of the bestseller, “The Trauma Cleaner”. While specialist cleaning is their business, Sandra understands the importance of keeping the client’s wellbeing at the centre of the work that they do. Her commitment to training her staff was such that as rules around gathering numbers changed, she sought bigger venues until the COVID-19 rules eventually beat us.

Today, Sandra has advised us that the Department of Justice and Community Safety have given STC the status of “Essential Service” which means they will be free to be on the road working, even in the event of a total lockdown. Specifically, their services of cleaning and disinfecting to reduce COVID-19 transmission are considered essential to public health and safety. To keep the team safe, STC have implemented daily temperature readings, mandatory mask wearing and increased use of personal protective equipment. STC have also invested in new industrial steaming equipment and chemical solutions that specifically target viral infections (as opposed to anti-bacterial products).

Sadly, as Sandra explained to us, STC’s cleaning role during the pandemic will extend beyond reducing virus transmissions. History suggests that the current health challenge will also lead to an increase in domestic violence, suicide and alcohol related incidents. Sandra and her team will also be called on to do site visits for support workers who are not able to visit clients in their homes.

STC ServicesWe would like to recognise Sandra Pankhurst and STC for the difficult job they do and their commitment to excellence. If you would like to know more about Sandra don’t miss her book “The Trauma Cleaner”.

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