Let’s talk about success.

One of the questions we get asked most frequently is…

Can Hoarding be cured?

Now remember that Hoarding is a behaviour. It’s a problematic behaviour that results in extreme clutter. Removing the clutter removes the symptom of that behaviour, but unless the behaviour changes, the clutter will soon return. Long-established behaviour, driven by a lifetime of contributing factors, is difficult to eliminate entirely. There is no magic pill.

The uncomfortable truth is that in most cases hoarding is managed, not cured. Our definition of success can also be managed.

In that case, what does success look like? It could be

  • An elderly woman having a safe path from her bed to her front door, so she can escape in case of fire
  • A child’s bedroom being free from mould so they don’t miss school due to constant respiratory problems
  • A clutter-free bed to enable a sound sleep
  • Safely stored medications
  • No more tripping hazards down the hallway
  • Removing the danger of boxes falling from overhead
  • Being able to invite friends and family to dinner
  • Avoiding the threat of eviction
  • Being able to use the “junk room” as a craft room instead

Our online training focuses on the practical strategies that anyone can do to create success in a hoarded home. Whether you want to help a friend, a family member, a tenant or client, there’s an online training designed for you. We focus on getting results and nurturing relationships while keeping everyone safe, healthy and comfortable.

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