Hoarding is a not a clutter problem. Hoarding is a diagnosable, treatable behavioural disorder.  Resolving a hoarding situation effectively requires working with a person to modify their behaviour whilst simultaneously reducing the volume of their stuff to create a safe home. That is a broad skill set!

An effective, hands-on support person needs the following:

  • An in-depth knowledge of chronic disorganisation.
  • A solid understanding of non-traditional organising techniques – well-known organising wisdom like “If you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it” doesn’t resonate with this group.
  • The ability to check their own standards at the door and meet clients where they are at.
  • A willingness to undertake ongoing professional development to keep up with the rapidly evolving research into hoarding disorder.
  • An openness to experimenting with new techniques.


Walking the Talk

Wendy Hanes is the only person in the southern hemisphere to hold the dual international designation of Certified Professional Organizer and Certified Professional Organizer – Chronic Disorganization.  Both certifications require rigorous training, significant practical work with clients, and intensive study. They are a mark of professional integrity and advanced skills.

This year, Wendy earned the further designation of Communication Mentor from the US-based Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD). To achieve this level of accreditation, a Professional Organiser must demonstrate advanced skills in the areas of training, coaching, motivating, communication and leadership.

Wendy said, “The ICD Level IV Communication Mentor program has enhanced my ability to connect clients with their goals and draw out their motivation, rather than simply providing solutions.”

Wendy’s professional development does not stop there. She has been accepted into the 2021 ICD Master Trainer in Chronic Disorganization Program. The purpose of the Master Trainer certificate is to develop and acknowledge leadership, publication, training, service, and commitment to the field of study and exploration of Chronic Disorganization and Organization. This is the ICD certificate and certification program’s highest level of achievement.


Benefit to Hoarding Home Solutions Students

Hoarding Home Solutions is a product of both Wendy and Angela’s practical experience and dedication to professional development.  They are committed to passing on what they learn.

Students of the Hoarding Home Solutions online training have lifetime access which means that they will always be kept up to date with the latest research and practical strategies.

Wendy Hanes, CPO, CPO-CD, celebrating professional development

Wendy Hanes, CPO, CPO-CD, receiving recognition at the ICD Virtual Assembly.

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