Crippling COVID restrictions were finally easing and people everywhere were celebrating with donuts and beer. But Kat feared her despair was not likely to budge so easily. She knew this with a high degree of certainty because she had just finished a four pack of strawberry iced donuts from the supermarket and she felt worse than ever.

She’d felt unappreciated for a very long time. She was resourceful, a very savvy shopper, frugal; she could make a dollar stretch further than anyone. She cared deeply about the environment and ensuring objects found a good home. She also cared about family history and legacy. But everyone around her just saw her as a “hoarder”. That really hurt. She was nothing like the people on TV.

Maybe it was time to talk to someone. Like a professional. Someone who could understand her point of view. And now that telehealth was everywhere, she could do it without anyone knowing.  She’d thought about it in the past but the idea of being spotted walking into the psychologist’s office was horrifying. She didn’t want to worry Bill and she didn’t want to be fodder for neighbourhood gossip. She could just picture the whispering behind her back, “Oh poor Bill with the crazy wife”. Next thing people would be dropping casseroles at their doorstep! Yes, telehealth was the answer.

Kat's Secret Telehealth AppointmentIt didn’t take much googling to find a professional that looked nice. She specialised in trauma, anxiety and depression. Kat took a deep breath and made an online appointment. Just to cover her tracks, she added the appointment to the kitchen calendar under the title of “Zoom drinks with Vera”. She’d share news about the appointment with Bill after the psychologist has confirmed there is nothing wrong with her.

Kat looked around her dining room/study. It wasn’t the image she wanted to project. There was washing to be folded and put away. Tiffany’s schoolwork was still on the table even though she had returned to school weeks ago, and there was junk mail waiting to be read. Lucky Kat was resourceful because to curate this background in real life for a video call would take forever. She went to the cupboard in search of a sheet that she could use as a green screen. Unfortunately, all her sheets were patterns or florals. She would need to duck out and buy something suitable.

Now to prepare for the call. She would need to rehearse. “I’ll start by telling her about my childhood”, she thought. “They always want to know about that. She’ll quickly see I’m nothing like my mother. She was a hoarder. Maybe she can give me some tips about how to make people appreciate me more.”

When the day of the telehealth appointment arrived, Kat was ready. She had a serene virtual background, and she looked calm, confident and put together. She poured a drink to keep up the “Zoom drinks with Vera” pretence and locked herself in the dining room. The monitor lit up and the lovely psychologist filled the screen. Kat noted that her office was less than perfect and considered offering her a few tips. She said, “Hello Kat. Tell me what brings you here today.” Suddenly, Kat forgot everything she had rehearsed. Her face crumbled and the tears flowed, “I don’t want to be like my mother….”



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