Our Mission is to provide practical, affordable, easily accessible, online training that empowers people to work effectively with confidence and compassion to resolve a hoarding situation.

To that end, we are doing our best to spread the word, near and far, to the people who deal with hoarding as part of their work.

Earlier this year, we presented at the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals in Texas. You can read more about that here.

In a couple of weeks we’ll attend the Institute for Challenging Disorganization in Orlando, Florida, where Wendy has been invited to sit on an International Hoarding Panel. We’re excited to be able to share what’s happening in Australia, and learn from our international colleagues.

On the home front, we’re very pleased that hoarding has been placed on the agenda of the Rural & Remote Mental Health Symposium, to be held in Adelaide in October this year. This is an important step in raising the awareness of this significant community issue and we will be presenting a workshop entitled “Effective Solutions for Hoarding: Creating Change When Services Are Scarce”.

Just yesterday we spoke with the team at HousingFirst about practical steps they can take to help their tenants stay safe and avoid a crisis.

And tomorrow we’re recording an interview with the podcasters from The Art of Decluttering. We’re spreading the word wherever we can.

And of course there are the many individuals and organisations who have invested in their professional development to do the Hoarding Home Solutions online training.

Will you help us with our mission? If you know of a conference, group, or staff that work with people who hoard, please put us in touch with them so we can keep hoarding on the agenda.

Hoarding on the Agenda

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