Violet had reached out with an invitation, and since Kat was feeling lonely since Kylie’s escape to the country, she accepted. It didn’t mean she forgave Violet for taking those magazines last time she visited but Kat was willing to give her a chance to make amends. In fact, she was pretty sure that Violet would realise her mistake, apologise and return the stack of magazines back to her.

Kat watches Space InvadersThings were a little cool between them, but Violet was trying to be hospitable. She poured a couple of glasses of wine and set out cheese and crackers on the coffee table. And then flicked on the TV.

“I thought we’d watch that new show with Peter Walsh. Remember him?”, Violet said.

“Oh I do remember him. He’s a lovely man. I didn’t know he was still on television. My favourite episodes of his show were when Jeannie Little was on.” Kat settled back, ready for a trip down memory lane.

“No, it’s a different guy. You’ll see. I think you’ll be inspired. It’s called Space Invaders”, responded Violet.

It wasn’t long before Kat saw what Violet was up to. As Violet chirped on about what a great show it was, Kat hunkered down in her chair. She poured herself another glass of Violet’s wine and stayed silent.

In the first ad break, Violet turned to Kat with a sparkle in her eyes and said, “Well, what do you think?”

“Well, I think you’re telling me that I’m like that lady. But I’m not. Her stuff is ugly. My stuff is special. Everything I keep, I keep for a reason.”

“Oh don’t be like that Kat. You’ll see, the house will be beautiful when they’re finished.”

Kat poured another glass of wine and looked around the room for the stack of her magazines. She didn’t see them. The show resumed.

It was Violet’s turn to be quiet, and Kat became the commentator.

“What a waste throwing out those shoes. She paid good money for them.”

“My weight fluctuates too much to get rid of clothes. It might not fit now but it might in a couple of months.”

“They don’t make pianolas any more. They’re getting rid of history.”

“Well at least her kids respect their mother. That was nice of them to bring her a gift from holidays. I wouldn’t get rid of it either. Kylie so ungrateful. When she left she just got rid of lots of memories that should have been left with the family.” And that’s when the tears fell down her cheek.

The wine was finished and so was the show. Violet turned to Kat, took a deep breath and said, “Well, how about it?”

“Yes I’ll have another wine.” Kat handed over her empty glass.

“No, how about you going on Space Invaders?” With that, Violet produced a sheet of paper from beside her armchair. It was an application form to be on the TV show.

“No thank you.”

Violet pleaded, “But you could have a fresh start and get on with your life.”

“But my stuff is my life. And nobody is invading my space thank you very much.”

Kat was so mad she gave up on bringing her magazines home and left. As she shut her front door behind her, she felt safe again. But as she sighed with relief, she looked around her and silently admitted to herself that it wasn’t the perfect home she’d always longed for.



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